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Government Of Assam Higher Education DIRECTORATE OF HIGHER EDUCATION

Services Rendered

  • Sl.No.ServicesConditionTimeline flowFee (if any)Office/Contact detailsRemarks
    1Issuing Administrative approval

    a) Budget Provision
    b) Plan & Estimate
    c) Priority List
    d) Approval of P&D / Finance Deptt.

    30 days5Joint Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Education (Higher/Technical Deptt.) 
    2Issuing of Financial Sanction

    a) Budget Provision
    b) Plan & Estimate
    c) Priority List
    d) Approval of P&D / Finance Deptt.

    30 days----DO - 
    3Issue of Fixation of Ceiling

    a) Budget Provision
    b) Copy of sanction letter
    c) Finance Deptt's approval

    15 days--------------DO- 
    4.Sanction of Leave

    a) Application in proper format
    b) Leave Admissibility Report

    20 days----------------DO- 
    5.Issuing of NOC /Govt. Concurrence for opening new Colleges/ new courses

    a) Resolution of G.B. of the concerned College alongwith relevant documents
    b) Recommendation of DHE
    c) Concurrence of Finance Deptt.

    60 days--------------DO- 
    6Issue of NOC for foreign visit of Professor

    a) Application in proper form
    b) Assets & Liabilities Report
    c) Proposal from DHE/DTE with relevant documents..

    30 days------------------DO- 
    7.Issuing Increment for acquiring Ph.D/ M.Phil/M.Tech/M.E.

    a) Proposal from the Incumbent through Principal of Govt. College/ DHE/DTE
    b) Relevant certificate for acquiring Ph.D/ M.Phil/M.Tech/M.E.

    30 days----------------DO- 
    8.Sending Pension papers to A.G.

    a) All Service Record
    b) Copy of Service Book

    20 days--------------Joint Secretary to the Govt. of Assam,Education(Higher&Technical) Deptt.  
    9Issuing of Promotion Order

    a)Formal proposal from the concerned Principal/DHE/DTE
    b)Recommendation of DPC

    60 days-------------        -DO- 
    11Issuing of information under RTI Act.

    a)Application in plain paper
    b) Application fee
    c) Documents
    d) Communication Addresse(BPL card for exemption of fee)

    30 days IPO Rs.10/--          DO - 
    12Issuing Order  of additional service in RTPS Act   -            
    13Uploading of Act/Rules 60 days -            
    14Updating of Website weekly -